Pumpkin Pot

I saw this Pumpkin Pot in the Los Rios District of San Juan Capistrano. I had to take a close look because the pot looked just like a pumpkin…and it was – a real one! This would make such a fun Thanksgiving centerpiece. When the pumpkin starts to soften too much you could just repot the whole thing in a new container. Great idea!




  1. Hi Tracy! LOVE your new blog! I also read where you can plant the pumpkin and succulents in the ground because the pumpkin will just decompost. I’m making one of these this week! Love it.


    • Dannise! Great idea, plant it in the ground! Love it. I sure missed gardening and plants when I was in Colorado; now it’s so easy. Stick it in the ground, water a little, grows. I bet you have the same challenging situation in Santa Barbara.


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