Charcuterie Cheese Board Ideas

One of the best things you can bring to a party is the ever-popular cheese board, and I had to bring one to a few parties this past holiday season, and there’s TONS of ideas out there. One of the best was a group on Facebook called “Charcuterie Boards, Grazing Trays, Snack Platters, Meat, Cheese, and Beyond” with over 19,500 members! Right now, they are hot on some Valentine’s Day boards, so lots and lots of good ideas there.

I found that one of the best things to do on your typical charcuterie board is to really change up the ingredients. Yes, stick with cheese, crackers and meat, but add a little bit of a surprise. Donut holes, gummy bears, heart candies, pink frosted cookies, chocolate covered pretzels are all fun little adds and make for great decoration as well.

Also another awesome place to look is Pinterest. You probably already have seen the thousands of boards there, but so many great ideas.

Here’s a couple snaps of my most recent boards – enjoy and get inspired.


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